10 paradoxes of the labour market: impact on results and employee engagement

It is obvious that the business world and labour market are in a process of profound transformation. By way of example, the Davos Forum predicts that digitalization will lead to a decrease of some 5 million jobs worldwide by 2020 ( In their analysis (which I personally hope is excessively pessimistic), the creation of 2.1

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20 barriers to face for a successful professional development

In my career as an HR manager, I have encountered two contradictory realities regarding professional development which have inspired me to write the present article: – Few directors or employees had doubts or failed to support the implementation of individual development plans (IDP) in the framework of a positively valued modern people management style. That

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Coworking: a tool for productivity and employee engagement

Published in Observatorio de RH (The HR Observatory) – July 2016 Origins of coworking and its rapid evolution Founded in Berlin in 1995, C-base was one of the world’s first hacklabs: a community-operated workspace for people actively interested in science, new technologies and the digital world, providing a scenario for them to meet and work

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10 actions to improve the added value of Human Resources
– David Reyero – Fundación Factor Humano – Junio 2015

What gaps are there for Human Resources (HR) to become a strategic business partner, a promoter of the commitment, productivity and satisfaction of employees and with a high level of internal influence?
Now well into the 21st century, we continue to witness debates in numerous forums as to the reasons why HR has not managed to achieve a relevant position in many organizations, despite the fact some positive developments have been made in recent decades.

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A vulnerable leader is more inspiring

There is little doubt as to the importance of excellent leadership as a competitive advantage of any organization and a key factor in advanced and sustainable people management. Much has been written about leadership (indeed, there are almost 500 million entries relating to “leadership” on Google) and in recent years a significant consensus has been

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