People: the most sustainable competitive advantage

David Reyero – March 2014 The search for sustainable competitive advantages has been a strategic focus for many companies, even before it was conceptualized by Michael Porter in the 1980s. “Traditional” strategies provide some solutions: cost optimization, product or service differentiation, brand reputation, specialization, diversification, possession of patents, monopoly situations or the existence of a highly qualified

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Why is so difficult to have an innovative culture?

David Reyero – Pharma Market – December 2013 Innovation: something that many organizations attempt, but few achieve Since the beginning of my professional career, I have considered innovation to be a critical issue for long-term business success and I believe that there is a growing consensus in the market as to its strategic importance. Over time,

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Why should we be optimistic about talent management?

David Reyero – Aedipe Cataluña – May 2013 In recent years I have attended several important forums on management talent and my conclusions thereupon have urged me to write the following lines. In the meetings in question, as a result of the impact of the economic crisis, I perceived significant frustration as to the real

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