Scarcity Of Leaders: 20 ideas for improvement

Scarcity of Leaders: 20 ideas for improvement Leadership continues to be a fundamental issue as a competitive advantage for the success of companies and societies in these times of transformation and turbulence. Addressing this topic again may seem “repetitive” as so much has already been written about it. However there are two factors I consider

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Digitalization: 10 key success factors

Digitalization is a hot topic in management due to its relevant impact on different business sectors and the way people are managed. Various surveys indicate that digitalization is already one of the main issues facing managers as it is a new and complex subject that questions key management paradigms. In this article, we will be sharing

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10 paradoxes of the labour market: impact on results and employee engagement

It is obvious that the business world and labour market are in a process of profound transformation. By way of example, the Davos Forum predicts that digitalization will lead to a decrease of some 5 million jobs worldwide by 2020 ( In their analysis (which I personally hope is excessively pessimistic), the creation of 2.1

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20 barriers to face for a successful professional development

In my career as an HR manager, I have encountered two contradictory realities regarding professional development which have inspired me to write the present article: – Few directors or employees had doubts or failed to support the implementation of individual development plans (IDP) in the framework of a positively valued modern people management style. That

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Coworking: a tool for productivity and employee engagement

Published in Observatorio de RH (The HR Observatory) – July 2016 Origins of coworking and its rapid evolution Founded in Berlin in 1995, C-base was one of the world’s first hacklabs: a community-operated workspace for people actively interested in science, new technologies and the digital world, providing a scenario for them to meet and work

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From VUCA world to FRAGILE society

The «VUCA world» concept, which has its origins in the 1990s in the U.S. Army, became popular from 2001 on, following the September 11th terrorist attacks. VUCA is an acronym that depicts the current world in which we live, a world of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity ( The recent bomb attacks in Paris,Brussels and

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#ConnectingTalent: a new trend in people management for the VUCA world

(Published in Humannova – January 2016) The new book “Conectar talento” (“Connecting Talent”) by Alicia Pomares (@apomares) is an excellent call to action in the field of human resources and to adapt to the current VUCA and 2.0. environment, based on her experience as a partner in the consulting company Humannova (you will find a

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Positive Attitude: a key factor for a full personal and professional life

David Reyero – Humannova – September 2015 Positive Attitude: a key factor for a full personal and professional life Every year, I detect that September and January are typically “depressive” months in Western society, with the “post-holiday syndrome” and the “hard month of January” respectively. Such situations affect 30% to 50% of people, according to

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10 actions to improve the added value of Human Resources
– David Reyero – Fundación Factor Humano – Junio 2015

What gaps are there for Human Resources (HR) to become a strategic business partner, a promoter of the commitment, productivity and satisfaction of employees and with a high level of internal influence?
Now well into the 21st century, we continue to witness debates in numerous forums as to the reasons why HR has not managed to achieve a relevant position in many organizations, despite the fact some positive developments have been made in recent decades.

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